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torsdag 22 juli 2010

A fitting farewell

Kind of a "Let's play" type of approach to making a Battleground Europe video

Fitting Farewell, Part 1 by Knightsaber2010

1.31 trailer

Unofficial Trailer for v1.31 by Mordecai7

Campaign 62

Campaign 62 by SjKeegs1

Core usage

Battle Ground Europe core usage by GanymedeIV4

Defense of Netterheim

Defense of Netterheim by KFS1


Bastogne by KFS1

Dogfight over Breskens

Dogfight over Breskens by Wilko160

torsdag 4 mars 2010

Real sorties #1: M10

Real sorties #1: M10 by MouzurX

Battleground Europe by Svedala

SEV TV channel

Pick of the Month

The Making of WWIIOL

The Making of WWIIOL by SmackD

Have to watch videos

Battleground Europe Video by Scottchap

Love From Above by FueldDump

Stop whining! with Doc by Klesh

Another world by Svedala

Relax by Svedala

A WillyTee Cartoon

Watch more WillyTee Cartoons and read his comics over here.

A look at WillyTee

SPCCat discovers WillyTee by Acatron2006

Documentary of the Week

Official Battleground Europe trailer

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#2 most viewed swedish World TV channel
#31 most linked youtube gaming video
#39 most commented youtube gaming video
#46 most viewed director youtube (090706)
#52 most commented gamevideo (all time)

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SmackD's Old School

Rat Chat August 4th

Battleground Europe Spoof

The waste of time, part2 by Viranomainen

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